National Park Nahuel Huapi
National Park Nahuel Huapi
Wonderful country
Patagonia Train
Beautiful day, far away from my home
Don't cry for me Argentina
I found a place, far away from the pollution and stress of large cities
Nahuel Huapi lake behind me
Beautiful country
Nice picture
National Park Nahuel Huapi in the middle of the Andes mountains
Bariloche is a place where time seems to have stopped for visitors to enjoy this exception
Small island in the Nahuel Huapi lake
Bariloche - it is the access door to the Patagonia and the corridor of the lakes
National Park
National Park
National Park
National Park
National Park
National Park
National Park
Wonderful picture
Cow in the middle of nowhere
Beautiful country
Metro in Buenos Aires is one of the oldest lines in Latin America
On the street of Buenos Aires
Me before the Casa Rosada (Pink House) - Argentina’s presidential palace
A symbol of Buenos Aires city, the Obelisk was built in May 1936 to commemorate the 400th
Me in downtown
Welcome to Buenos Aires
The Obelisk of Buenos Aires behind me
Buenos Aires downtown
With eleven million inhabitants, this city is one of the largest metropolises in the world
Buenos Aires is the great cosmopolitan doorway to South America
Avenida 9 de Julio
Me before the world's widest avenue in Buenos Aires
Football stadion in Buenos Aires
Argentinian girl on the street
Street in Buenos Aires
Me in La Boca district
La Boca is a popular destination in Argentina, with its colourful houses and main street,
La Boca is one of the most colorful barrios in Buenos Aires
Empty street
The Obelisk from street level
Night in Buenos Aires
Me before caffe bar in La Boca - Buenos Aires
Street in Buenos Aires
Avenida 9 de Julio is an avenue in Buenos Aires, with 140 meters, it is the world's widest
City center in Buenos Aires
Beauty of Argentina
Beauty of Argentina
Amazing view
Beautiful country
City center in Puerto Iguazu
One of the best hostel in Argentina (Puerto Iguazu) behind me
Close-up picture of flora and fauna
I took spectacular boat trip under the falls
Iguazu Falls (Devil's Throat) from the Argentinian side
Devil's Throat (Brasil) behind me
Me under the falls
Iguazu Falls from the Argentinian side, with Isla San Martin on the left
Iguazu Falls panoramic view
I took a full day in the park, to fully enjoy the wildlife flora and fauna
Iguazu Falls behind me
Argentinian side
Iguazu Falls is one of the top destinations in South America
The falls are part of a virgin jungle ecosystem, protected by Argentinian and Brazilian na

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