Girl in the desert
Back street in Lima
Plaza de armas in Lima
Peruvian flag
Flight over the Nazca lines
Street in Nazca
People are looking for gold
Oasis in Huacachina
In the middle of the desert
Where we are ?
Our camp in the middle of the desert
Our car
Panamericana road
Cemetery in the desert
Mummies in the desert
My picture
Nice smile
Youth in Peru
Party in Arequipa with my friends
Taxis in Arequipa
Party with my peruvian friends
Peruvian people
My picture
Saltpans near Cusco
Beautiful nature behind me
Local people
After the cycling
The road to hell
Nice woman from village
Beautiful country
Cycling in Peru
Crazy country
Pass on the altitude 5000 meters
Altitude 4910 meters
Nice photo
Beautiful country
Bridge over the river Urubamba
Trekking in the Colca Canyon
In the Peruvian mountains
Native peruvian village
Great morning in the native peruvian village
Road to nowhere
We were soldiers in Peru
In the middle of the jungle
Coca leaf
With my friend Ana in rainforest
We were Indians
Cable car for traversing the river Urubamba
My friends Aleš and Jernej
Sunset on Machu picchu
Machu picchu
The way to Machu picchu
Beautiful nature
Beautiful nature
Beautiful country
Woman take rest with alpaca
Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake on earth at 12,580 feet altitude
With 2 ajmer indians on the Uros island
They stole the name of island from me
Uros island in the Titikaka lake
Sailing on the lake Titicaca
So far away from my home
Condor in the Nazca desert
View from the airplane in the Nazca
Desert in Peru
Visiting the local peruvian people
Beautiful country
Look at this view !
Little peruvian girl
Peruvian people
Domestic market on the altitude 4910 meters
On the concert of the Grupo Niche in Cusco
The main street in Lima

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10. september 2006


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