Church of st. Donat in Zadar & time to go home.
Old notice in Zadar youth hostel
Apparently, Dubrovnik with population under 50 000 is the only city in the world with its
Main street in Dubrovnik, high prices, the only place along Croatian coast with a lot of A
Life in Dubrovnik.
The walls of Dubrovnik, the furthest point of this vacation, 700 km from home.
A bunch of young people from France I met on Biokovo.
A view from the top of Biokovo (1762 m, Croatian coast) in general direction of the sea. M
Something I bought in Mostar. Handmade džezva for cooking real coffee.
Cemetery in Mostar close to the center. All died in 1993.
Entrance to the old bridge.
Reconstruction of Koski Mehmet Pasha mosque was sponsored by Turkish and Japanese organisa
My left foot, walking down the minaret.
Koski Mehmet Pasha mosque from the old bridge.
Name of the town is Mostar, most meaning bridge.
The old and the new, reconstruction payed by the kingdom of Denmark.
Moving to Mostar, capital of Herzegovina. Scenes close to our parking place reveal first g
Wanna confess your sins?
Place where virgin Mary appeared to a bunch of kids in the 80s.
New church in Međugorje, pilgrimage in Herzegovina.
First impression from Međugorje, sorrounding hills are a spitting image of Palestine. Hot,
Rafting on the river Cetina. A guy named Goran, our skipper.
Now, Croatian beer is not bad, but it takes an idiot to come up with that kind of slogan.
Sunset on the first day of vacations.
Croatian coastal town of Makarska is like all the others. Old center, green gardens and so

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