Autumn colors, time to go home.
A later fort was used in WWI.
For king and country.
Predel pass, border with Italy, where the French beat Croats under Austrian leadership.
On return, a look back to the mountain.
with a view.
Last apple...
...back to the car.
more and more, time to go...
More people coming...
Triglav, national symbol, the thing on our flag.
Behind this mountain Eddie the Eagle set the british national record in ski jumping.
Rombon, SW. Famous for WWI battles.
More fog. Montaž (W, Italy), second highest mountain in the Julian Alps.
Dolomites, W.
Grossglockner, the highest mountain in Austria, NW.
...half tamed.
Must be local wild life...
A black dot.
More fog.
Me responding to my name and looking into the sun without sun glasses. Ankogel group (Aust
Jalovec, arguably the most beautiful mountain around. Sadly not from this direction.
A look to the east.
Ah, yes, border mountain.
...until we bump into it.
A look up. No summit visible...
Other people coming out of the fog.
To the left, easier. Snow from the last week, not possible to take pictures as both hands
Two possible routes, italian on the left, slovenian on the right.
First clear view, me trying to decide what next.
It was a bit foggy in the morning.

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15. oktober 2006


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