Maturanc - Ios 2007

Iztok rocks!!!!
Maja saying her Goodbyes
Kristinca and my Viki in the back
Đeli and Anja happy to be home...i guess
ouf final destination, Dolgi most - Ljubljana
last sight of Sophocles V.
Anja getting of the ship
our Sophocles V.
blondie Anja and Eli
Ajda looking pretty souber after wild night
Eli...she looks totally f***ed up
classmates on the solid ground again
Bradeško getting of
Anja all bored while waiting to get of
landing in port in Venice
a lot of docks everywhere
church in Venice
skyline de Venice
Anja - the morning after party on the boat
Venice - Italy
that really is a puppy look, it makes you melt
the dog again
Eli and Anča with the dog of which name i can't remember
Viki in the wind :)
puppy of which name i can't remember, german boy and his father made Viki and me look afte
few minutes before that
in the evening
another lifeboat on other side of the ship
parts of our Sophocles V. and some sea in the back
nice one
lifeboat...we had about 4 like this on the ship
another one, just from different side
Maja and Iztok
my Viki again
Ančka and Fonzi
my Viki
Tadeja and Anja
sight of the sea behind us
sight of what we were leaving behind
some people, Črt and Jančar and some more people...
Maja in the wind
Ančka and Sara (not so weird any more)
Črt sleepy and Muci weird (again)
really, hungover???
Sandra and Maša, hungover?
Tadeja skretching here nose and Anja in the back
Teja, Manca and can see by their faces that it was morning :P  (just kidding,
Manca, Teja, Anja and Tadeja
Kristinca with a
yup, one windy day on the ship, but it was great!!!
day on the ship
Dežman, Mateja and Ksenija
Viki waking up
Marjeta in the wind
deck pool
deck pub
i don't really know, but we were all guessing that's suppose to be Albania
Viki in the morning
inside of Sophocles V.
huge Greek's bridge
Maja and Iztok
la Eva
tail of our Sophocles V.
Ajda, Eli and Eva on Sophocles V.

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02. september 2007


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