Bike trip to Portorož (13.7. - 15.7. 2007)

and that's chocolate bear's friend...we'll always remmber you!!! peace out!!!!!!
the friend without whitch i wouldn't have made it all the way to the sea and back
bear brothers...we've done it...we've made it...we've won!!!!!!
yup, happy to be home
happy to be home
he's on the other side of the bike now
ok, this Ružo guy is looking me like he wants to kill me
Ružo with
Ružo and Pintar after the
as i said...can't get enough of it
Tadej, can't get enough of bike
Gams pulled
group hug!!!!
that's what our photograp take shot of...some of her friends or something...
ok now, that looks totally gay!!!!! (i repeat: we're not!!!!!)
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again, despite the fact we look totally gay, we're not gay!!!!!!
that's not suppose to be on photo!!!!
niggas in black
škrat kuzla :D :D :D
now, there's Sandra being sexy!!
no girl, no job, no problem!
Sandra smiling?
Sandra in a weird position and Katja
Ružo took that one :D
how about that?
Pintar before
that's the Gams again
i know how this maight look like, and let me just say, we're not gay!!!
mermaid....sorry, merman
parts of Katja
i'm getting some feedback
that's still her...
that's Sandra
ok, ladies, what's with the finger licking???
now Katja licking her finger :D
Sandra licking her finger.... :)
next day on the beach...Sandra and Katja
me, ready!!
Ružo giving up
Tadej drying his pants
still in camp Lucija
i was getting ready in my own way
getting ready for wild night
almost there
Rožle hungry and just Gams
this one doesn't even need comment :)
still not done
Tadej and the tent
here i was exaggerating a bit
my hair was a mess
that one was new...i was trying new poses
one from far
i always do that on the beach
another one
my spontaneous look
Rožle, Pintar and moi
Pintar and Tadej
the Gams
Rokle, brown bear and Pintar
Ružo the criple
man in black....or Neo....i don't really know
Tadej in Portorož around 3.10 p.m.
and that's the point where everybody, who said we won't reach our final destination, can s
my bike
Tadej's bike
sea going twice...
that's the point where every body, who said we won't make it to the sea, can suck on it!
yup, that's the thing
lunch in Črni Kal
highway bridge in Črni Kal
second one
first sight of the sea
and the forrest where we did what mother nature wanted us to do
that was the road

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16. julij 2007


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