Ready, steady......go!
...but it has no angel eyes :)
Mustafa's BMW ready for the race....
...and the others are going with Mustafa!
Beck, Ana and Zala are going with my car....
...and jet another one!
Mercedes in front of the club
Come on Zala, I'm waiting!
Going out of the club, but not jet in the hotel!
No comments please!
Ahmed pulling off Natan's ear :)
...and even more happy!
We're soooo happy.....
Mitja and Tanja
I love you, Je t'aime,......always having safe place with me :)
Girls in the toilet! :))
Just wait a bit to see me dancing :)
Three muschetirs :)
Zala, Wagas, Natan and Ahmed
Ana, Wagas and Ahmed
...and maestro from Pakistan ;)
Bar-tender from Ukraine on the left....
...but it's not for us!
Mmmm, it looks great....
Very nice :))
Mr.Great in action :)
Wow! champagne for girls!!!!
Beck ordered....
Our first picture together ;)
Jana and Beck, who is on the right?
People listen up, let's get the party started!
our cocktail-maestro
Not bad!
my first capirinha :)
around the Dubai Marine... and Beck in Dubai Marine
Ana and Beck......

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29. september 2005


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