Dubai2005-1 the airport in Istanbul.
In front of the shop.....
Me and Ana in paradise :)
Me and Ana in font of the Burj Al Arab....
The beach is nice, but the road is too close
Hmmmm, I'm not sure where this Deira?
Ahmed is taking us to the Dubai Marine....for the first time! go inside the Burj Al Arab on Monday :)
I just can't wait.....
Here we are, only few hundred meters away
once again Jumeirah Beach hotel
Jelka was our second mother :)
Jumeirah Beach hotel
Sorry, night picture :)
...every place in Jumeirah
Seen from almost.....
at the gas station
another, smaller mosque
That will be the biggest mosque in the world (for 5000 people)
...parallel to mercedes (I think)
The BMW 5-series....
They just didn't stop bringing the plates with food :)
Ana, look here!
+42 °C outside, and about  -10 °C on the picture
Beck is busy :) we had lunch in a Lebanese resaurant.
After sightseeing we became hungry....
The city of Abu Dhabi
making the
...and one of its
Plaza hotel in the front
It was so hot outside, you could cool down yourself by watching the sea already
....shading even the Royal Palace!
Luxury Plaza hotel.....
In front of the shopping center in Abu Dhabi
The chef with delicious arabic sweets...of course I bought some :)
it was almost like on the Fish Market in Tokio :)
The supermarket was opened....
Oh boy!
We went to the shopping center in Abu Dhabi....but most of the shops were closed.....
Sea, palms and desert in the back
That's me :)
...of this future restaurant
beach in front.....
Burj Al arab in the back, and Wild Wadi in the front
Abu Dhabi
Burj Al Arab from another position
Future restaurant in Abu Dhabi
I think it's the Plaza hotel in Abu Dhabi...
In Madinat Jumeirah - My home will look somehow like this.... :)
On the first morning we went directly to Abu Dhabi
Aha, here it is!
In front of the Madinat Jumeirah

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28. september 2005


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