4s in germany

That is me...  nothing to see here move on :P
this is what we went to see...
they sey it is big ... i cant see the reason why...
this Lion saw better days... trust me :D
the thing... ok the high thing if u want...
no wonder we were late ...
some ppl have 2 much time...
1/3 of my class... the normal part of my class
well museum has its own mine ....DONT go in it .....
Museum is realy fun ...
how many 'stun shots' do i get for this one ?
i like swords better...but cannon will do...:P
cant walk ? no problem call me :P
planes planes...i wanna see Vikings
YES atlast i can change Lightbulb in my room :D
this is what 12H of driving does to ya

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21. november 2006


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