1st world championchips win in Athens 1997 (100m)!
Also playing basketball at university of North Carolina!
At age 17...
Little girl who ever liked sports and was full of dreams!
Her second w.champ. 100m title!!
Seville 1999, winning the w.champ. for the second time (100m)!
MARION that we know, smiling and very nice!
Her 1st w.champ. gold medal (100m)!
MARION's 2nd Olympic gold medal (200m)!!
23rd september 2000, MARION's 1st Olympic gold medal (100m)!
MARION winning 100m at the Sydney Olympics!
At the opening ceremony in the 2000' Olympics in Sydney, Australia!
Winning the 200m final at the w.champ. 2001 in Edmonton, Canada!
Doing something incredible, winning 5 Olympic medals at the single Olmpics, 3 gold and two
Her last competition at the Olympics 2000. the 4x400m, 3rd gold medal!
At the long jump final in Sydney, later winning bronze Olympic medal!
In 2004 comming back after her 2003 baby pause, and winning in New York the 60m!
MARION with her family, her boyfriend TIM Montgomery, and their sweetheart son MONTY!
Thats the MARION that we know!
Her 1st 200m w.champ. gold medal ever!
Even when there comes the really difficult times, the REAL frinds still hold together!! Th
Before the Athens Olympics 2004!
A great treasure! The autograph that I personaly got from the queen of track&field MARION
MARION in Munich 2004, competing for the team USA!
October 12th - MARION's 30th birthday!!

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15. junij 2005


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