Presentation - Turkey 12. 1. 09

Admiring the cooks' abilities
Nazli and Aysenur
Delicious Turkish dishes
Enjoying the meal
Aysenur explaining about the dishes
Tülin and other students enjoying the meal
Enjoying the food and learning about Turkish dishes
Tülin explaining about traditional dishes in different regions in Turkey
Listening to modern Turkish music
Overview of popular types of Turkish  music
Heart-shaped Turkish dessert
Learning about the Maiden Tower
The audience
Let's learn some geography!
Selma explaining about the famous tourist destinations in turkey
... learning some history, too
Maiden Tower once again
I just couldn't resist taking another photo of the rice-based dessert ...
The presenters in action
About Turkish music: 'We bet you know Tarkan!'
The audience
'The south of Turkey is known for Mediterranean dishes ...'
Discussion about Turkish cuisine
The food was absolutely delicious!
Lovely pictures of Turkey in the background
Discussing the dishes
Tülin and Selma
Barbara and Tülin involved in a serious discussion

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13. januar 2009


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